[Umbraco] Replace p tags start with root block in TinyMCE Editor

Purpose : Replace <p> to <div>+<br/>

Version: 4.X   ,   File : /config/tinyMceConfig.config

Add TinyMCE configuration key under the <customConfig> element.

<config key="force_p_newlines">false</config>
<config key="force_br_newlines">true</config>    
<config key="forced_root_block">div</config>   

Recycle Application pool.

[Umbraco] Bug in calculating image dimensions in TinyMCE

Encounter in version  4.5.2 & 4.7.1

Update one existing picture by TinyMCE , when change height or width , another one will be changes to NaN.

How to fix:

Add rel in allowedAttributes element

File : /config/umbracoSetting.config


2. Ensure img element allw rel attribute ,

File : /config/tinyMCEConfig.config