Windows command – backup & remove all IIS log

  1. Download Source code by package (must) ,  Unzip BackupLog Folder to C:\  (Total 5 files: 7z.dll , 7z.exe , ufind.exe,  BackupLog.bak, BackupLog_Chinese.bak)
  2. Download sample batch (must) based on date and time format.  US or Chinese
    Chinese format , US Format
  3. Check your IIS Log path location was under the “C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles”  , if not please modify sample batch or modify the parameter whatever you want.
  4. [Option] Setting task scheduler run the batch file
Dropbox share link OR Download Source code by package

A Friendly remind: If choose task scheduler to perform batch job, please ensure the account log-in on the server once and had permission on log folder.